Software Engineering

Building for the User

Designing around the user makes a program clean and easy to use as well as smoothing out kinks in the development process. Design documents for both the back-end and front-end help to keep the user at the focus of the project throughout production.

DESIGN DOC 1: Architecture

The architecture design document is the brain of the project. It explains the primary goal of the program, how it's used, and how those ideas will be executed in the development process. It also includes a high-level overview of the back-end structure along with the tools that will be used for the project.


The UI design document is the eye of the project. It contains mockups of key gameplay states to help the project maintain a consistent vision right from the start. The UI design doc makes it easy to imagine the program from a user perspective right from the start and squish UX bugs before they emerge.

DOC_1: Architecture
DOC_2: User Interface

UML Diagrams

Building a new system from scratch is never easy. But visualizing it with nodes and references makes understanding your plan that much more manageable. UMLs are the sticky notes of software and a great tool to review, understand, or even just to remember the nitty-gritty details of your system.