Game Development

Whisker Witchery

Whisker Witchery (2023)

A 3D stealth puzzle platformer, in which the player controls a once-human apprentice who was transfigured into a rat by your rival! After being cursed by your rival, you must navigate their witch cottage all while avoiding detection by the magic creatures within. Use your environment and potions along the way to retrieve the magical ingredients to brew a potion turning yourself human once more!

Currently in development.

Alpha playable today at

Popo's Mahjong

Popo's Mahjong (Release TBA)

Traditional Shanghai mahjong brought directly from the tabletop to a free online format.

Currently in development.

Stay up to date on progress through Itch devlogs or through Twitter. The full design documents can be found here.

Little Slices of Death

Little Slices of Death (2021)

A top-down RPG that aims to face the player with difficult moral decisions. You guide Edith, a young otter, through her journey across a land corrupted by a mysterious darkness. As she makes her way to the source, you see the effects of your guidance and learn what it really means to be a “hero.”

Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Rime of the Ancient Mariner (2020)

You take control of a young sailor that has been trapped in the lower decks of a dark ship. As you progress toward finding an exit, a wicked being with a piercing eye becomes aware of your presence.


Rocketeer (2020)

An arcade-style mobile game about flying through space in a rocket ship. Travel far from home and encounter a wide variety of planets while unlocking new rockets along the way.

12 Years a Student

12 Years a Student (2018)

12 Years a Student places you in the shoes of an average high school student as they slog through a week of homework. Maintaining their relationship with friends, family, and academics becomes a chaotic balancing act as the difficulty ramps up.