User Interface / Experience

Less is More

In many games, there's an overwhelming amount of information that needs to be conveyed to the user. Effective UI and UX are built around prioritizing that information so that it's available exactly when and where the player needs it.

UI Mockups

UI mockups are particularly useful when thinking up the design of a program. Creating mockups at the beginning of a project builds a strong, tangible vision of the end product that is centered around the user right from the start.

*You may also be interested in the UI design document for this project, publicly available on here on my website.

Exploration defines Experience

Exploration lets you find new ways to connect with the player. Fast iteration and flexible pivoting fosters a diverse design palette to choose from to craft the perfect experience for your players.

Mahjong Tilesets

A collection of traditional mahjong tiles. The sharp, stylized artstyle is based on traditional chinese calligraphy art with its clean tapering and dynamic brushstrokes. Each suit has a distinct theme that makes it distinguishable and recognizable, while still following the common overarching style and color language of the full set, keeping a consistent and cohesive aesthetic across all the tiles.

Assassin's Creed Iconography

A collection of digital card game icon assets inspired by Assassin’s Creed Syndicate's minimalistic and angular UI. The shape language is very boxy and mostly translucent greyscale. Text is also blocky, using all caps and a sans-serif font to duplicate the same boxy, grid-like aesthetic. Each asset mimics this, using angular shapes and rectangles in greyscale that make accent colors for key information pop.